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Our experts would help you every step of the way from the very first day. We will provide you the best solution available for your property based on the zoning and other bylaws. We will help you to severe your lots, get minor variances for your project, or getting approval from autorities in order to make your plan a reality.



Architectural & Interior Design

Our design department in Hosseini Homes Corporation is specialized in architectural & interior design while considering sustainable, economic, & functionality of each structure. Our experts knowledge and talents best match our clients’ business strategies and objectives.
We take advantage of new knowledge and technologies in building industry & incorporated with building code & our skills. We care about your needs in your dream house because at the end it’s your home & we love to see you enjoy living there.


Project Managment & Construction

We provide services that fits our clients budget & requirements. We understand that the person who should decide  for every project is the owner and end-user of it & we respect their ideas & requests. Our role will be to guide them through and make sure they make the best decision.

We would be with you as your consultant in every step of the way.


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