About Our Firm

Hosseini Homes Corporation was created as the custom home building subsidiary of its parent company Tarh Saz Gostar, who has more than 30 years
experience in the construction industry in Iran, Dubai, & Canada.

Hosseini Homes Corporation is a company dedicated to meet the highest standards in custom home design and construction. Our company will work with our
clients every step of the way, and assist in the coordination of the entire project. From locating a property and the primary stages of concept design, to new home
construction, Hosseini Homes will provide our clients with an enjoyable and rewarding construction experience.

Hosseini Homes Corporation benefits from more than Thirty years of experience in construction & design field while runs by energetic, enthusiastic, & young
managers and designers.

Our Team

Proud member of

Mike Hosseini

Financial Adviser Sales Manager Bachelor of Wood & Paper Industry Real Estate Agent Broker Mike is our expert in purchasing land and has a vision of choosing the right development properties. His knowledge about zoning & development plans has helped our client to invest in a right path. His excellent experience in investment projects and his analysis of real estate market has been a back bone to our company.